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Corvette Tuning

Callaway AeroWagen
Shooting Brake Package

Available Q2, 2016. Orders open.

  • Callaway Corvettes or Regular Production Corvettes are eligible. C7 Coupe models only.
  • Carbon fiber composite structure, one piece, autoclaved, preserving original function and hardware
  • Operates as a liftable hatch, accessing the rear interior as the original
  • Installation is straight-forward and reversible; the vehicle can be reverted to original
  • Components are supplied in natural carbon fiber
  • Optional body color paint is available to match schemes with several options

What is a “shooting brake”?

Nineteenth century terminology describing a vehicle that could be used to carry shooting parties, their equipment, their dogs and their game. By the early twentieth century, “shooting brake” began to be used to categorize custom-built two-door station wagons using chassis of established luxury or sports cars.

Do I have to purchase a Callaway Corvette to get the AeroWagen package, or can I buy the package for my stock Corvette?

You do not have to buy a Callaway Corvette to get the AeroWagen package. It may be installed on your stock Corvette coupe.

Will the AeroWagen package include rear seats?

Unfortunately, the Corvette chassis and running gear configuration make it impossible to include seats in the cargo area.

Does the AeroWagen package include a new rear fascia, with different taillights?

The AeroWagen package does not include a new rear fascia.

What changes are made to the interior of the cargo area?

The standard AeroWagen package would have no interior changes.

What is the total increase in cargo area volume?

This hasn’t been calculated yet but, based on the projected geometry, it would be significant.

Where does the AeroWagen hatch begin and end? Is the car still a targa top?

The car would retain the Corvette targa top. AeroWagen bodywork replaces the original Corvette hatch utilizing the OEM seal, hinge and latch mechanisms.

Will there be a four-door version of the AeroWagen?


What is the drag coefficient of the AeroWagen?

A slight reduction in overall drag coefficient is predicted.

What drivetrain modifications are included with the AeroWagen package?


What are the performance specs for the Callaway Corvette AeroWagen?

Performance specifications have not been finalized. We will release performance data as soon as possible.

Will the AeroWagen be equipped with all wheel drive?

No. Chevrolet has not released any plans to introduce all wheel drive for the Corvette platform.

When can I get the AeroWagen package installed?

Q2 is the start of installations in Connecticut and California. Installation schedule is by reserved appointment. Contact the Connecticut Factory toll free at 866 927 9400 to place orders and schedule installation.

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