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25th Anniversary Model

Callaway Competition

25th Anniversary Callaway Corvette
Special Edition

The last Corvette built with a front-mounted engine and, at the same time, the most powerful Corvette to date with a factory warranty. This limited edition model is based on the Callaway Corvette SC757 with total planned production of 25 cars.


  • New or used cars can be delivered on request.
  • Retrofitting your used Z06, with odometer reading to 30,000 km.
  • Retrofitting your new Z06.
  • Optional "Track Pack” for racetrack use.


The supercharger housing incorporates an integrated intake tract designed by Callaway engineers to reduce inlet air temperature. Through increased airflow, they achieved increased and more consistent performance. The supercharger rotor pack was rotated by 180° so that charge air first flows upwards through the central intercooler and then downwards through both secondary intercoolers to the cylinder heads, providing maximum heat transfer between the charge air and the intercooler coolant. This TripleCooled™ design allowed the engineers to create a system with minimum air restriction in order to maintain desired boost pressure. Heat exchangers mounted left and right of the engine's radiator keep the temperature of the intercooler coolant constant. Additionally, through the opening in the hood, ambient airflow is applied to the surface of the supercharger, adding to cooling the charge air. Callaway’s S3 Shifter is also installed in cars with manual transmission.

The engine produces 757 HP and 1030 N-m (760 lb-ft) by installing a Callaway GenThree™ Supercharger with custom programming of the electronic engine management system.


The Callaway HD Cooling System is equipped with a carbon-fiber oversized grille, as well as an additional engine oil cooler and two high-flow heat exchangers dedicated to the supercharger’s intercooling system, controlling all temperatures and engine performance under severe duty.

  • Carbon HD grille bezel with laser-machined Callaway grille insert, routing cooling air to the front brakes as well as to the engine’s air inlet
  • Air/Water intercoolers left and right with ventilation to the front wheel wells
  • High flow-rate intercooler pump produces 35% higher flow rate than the OEM Z06 pump
  • High flow-rate thermostat with machined aluminum housing
  • Increased intercooler system coolant volume
  • Carbon front splitter and undertray
  • Carbon air duct for engine oil/air heat transfer
  • Tikt is a Callaway Development Partner


The original Corvette mufflers are replaced with a single element muffler and integrated exhaust tips in typical Callaway Double-D fashion. An equalized resonance in the muffler produces a full-throated tone.

  • less back pressure than all other systems
  • mandrel-bent tubing prevents restriction at the bends
  • Perfect fit through hand-made precision production tooling
  • Stainless steel ensures corrosion resistance and long-term system durability
  • M&M Exhaust Systems is a Callaway Development Partner


The brake system is equipped with wide-annulus 380 x 35 mm steel brake rotors and larger 6-piston Brembo brake calipers. Pagid brake pads with increased friction surface area add to the package. Braided steel brake lines and racing brake fluid are also included.


Ride height is reduced in order to improve handling. Longer wheel bolts are installed to allow for wheel spacers to optimize track width. A wheel alignment based on Callaway’s racing experience complements the chassis modifications.


Increased downforce is achieved at the front with a carbon splitter and undertray which, at the same time, control air ducting for cooling the engine oil and front brakes. The rear spoiler was originally developed for the GT3 racecar which, together with the front splitter/undertray construction, ensures a perfect aero balance.



Chassis and Handling
Installation of a coil spring suspension with MDS shock absorbers from Bilstein-Tikt, which replaces the factory composite leaf springs. The aluminum dampers are adjustable in compression and rebound; they can be adjusted easily and perfectly for road or racetrack use. Variable spring rates as well as precisely adjustable wheel loads allow setting for optimal handling. For this purpose, Uniball joints can be installed in the wishbones and stabilizers, which primarily allows optimal and direct handling when used on racetracks.

A roll bar is installed in the car for safety. It also increases torsional rigidity of the chassis, and is easily removable with hand tools. Bucket seats with 6-point belts provide optimal seating.

The GT3 race car rear wing can be adjusted to adjust downforce. In combination with the new carbon splitter, extensions and undertray up front, there is a perfect aero-balance, which has been developed through extensive testing at the racetrack. Upon special request, the rear wing can be included in vehicle documentation for on-road use.

Driver´s equipment
Stand21 Concierge service, custom fitted drivers suit, boots, cloves, helmet/HANS with Callaway Competition / 25 year logos and design.

The tires provided for racetrack use are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.


The number of special models is limited to 25 pieces!

Opportunities to purchase a special model:



  • New or used cars can be delivered on request.
  • Retrofitting your used Z06, with odometer reading to 30,000 km.
  • Retrofitting your new Z06.
  • Optional "Track Pack” for racetrack use.

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