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Callaway duo Markus Pommer and Marvin Kirchhöfer won the Sunday race at the second round of the ADAC GT Masters’ Autodrom Most (CZ) weekend after a difficult and unlucky Saturday. It was the second victory for Callaway Competition in the 2019 season.

Following the successful opening weekend in Oschersleben, Callaway Competition and its two drivers Markus Pommer (28 / Neckarsulm) and Marvin Kirchhöfer (25 / Lucerne) stepped it up a notch at Autodrom Most last weekend (May 17-19). With Sunday's second win of the season on Sunday afternoon, the Corvette team collected 25 important points, while they were denied the day before.

The free practice on Friday suggested what was expected with the #77 Corvette C7 GT3-R on the course near the German border: Pommer and Kirchhöfer drove the best time in the second round of the day.

In qualifying for the Saturday race, Markus Pommer was able to secure his tenth starting position in the tight field - 24 vehicles within one second. Not an optimal position, as it turned out right after the start in the first chicane. Pommer, who took the wheel at the start, got into a collision through no fault of his own and had to get back on track through the gravel bed.

A blessing in disguise. The Corvette lost only two positions with Pommer at the wheel, which he could win back at the driver change.

During the mandatory pit stop and the driver change there was a misunderstanding and Marvin Kirchhöfer crossed the line at the end of the pit lane too early. As a result, the race director ordered a drive-through the pit lane penalty. This destroyed any promise of series points. In the end, the #77 Corvette crossed the finish line in 21st place.

A prompt response on Sunday. In an exciting qualifying afternoon session for the second race, in which Kirchhöfer made every effort to use every millimeter of the track, the Callaway Corvette jumped out in second place in the starting row. What followed was a perfect Sunday.

Kirchhöfer was able to take the lead with an impressive start as soon as the first chicane and comfortably extended it until the driver change to colleague Pommer. At the pit stop, everything went smoothly this time and Pommer secured the second victory of the season, three seconds ahead of the two Lamborghini drivers, Ineichen and Perera, and safely reached the finish line.

The podium was also attended by the two brand colleagues, David Jahn (28 / Leipzig) and Sven Barth (38 / Eberbach, both RWT Racing), who finished third in the second Corvette in the starting field.

The ADAC GT Masters series continues in June with the third race of the 2019 season at the Red Bull Ring.

"All in all, we had a good weekend. We got off to a great start to the weekend and with two wins in the first four races, I can live with that very well. We knew that we would be very fast in Most, but you also saw how tight the field was. It was important that, after the unfortunate events on Saturday, we had an answer directly. The Team did a great job.”  Marvin Kirchhöfer (25 / Lucerne)

"On Saturday, we had a lot of tough luck, but everything went according to plan on Sunday. Qualifying was already very good: the basic prerequisite for the victory. Marvin took the lead right at the start. Then it got exciting again when, because of the mid-race interruption, our advantage was gone. But we had a good strategy. Then I was able to win the race.”  Markus Pommer (28 / Heilbronn)

"Sunday's victory was important to the team and the right answer to a messed-up Saturday race that didn't yield any points. You can't afford any mistakes in this field and on Saturday we just made too many. During practice sessions on Thursday and Friday we had problems with tires, which we got completely under control until the races, this was certainly the key to the good race pace. Every year, we must try to maximize point production in the first half of the season, as the tracks in the second half of the season largely accommodate other racecar designs. Since our vehicle is unchanged compared to last year, this will also be the case in 2019. Because of the aerodynamic updates of other manufacturers, this trend seems even more pronounced in 2019.“  Mike Gramke (Team Boss)

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