Dance in the Dunes - Callaway Competition Expects Excitement at Zandvoort
16-08-2018 11:55

Dance in the Dunes - Callaway Competition Expects Excitement at Zandvoort

Callaway Competition travels to Zandvoort on the Netherlands' North Sea coast with a one point lead in ADAC GT Masters' standings. The Corvette team intends to score as many points as possible and defend the championship lead with all their might.

Callaway Competition is still leading the "League of Super Sports Cars", but after two losses at the last race at the Nürburgring, the Corvette team from Leingarten has lost their comfortable lead and expects an exciting battle for the top of the standings in Zandvoort next weekend (August 17-19).

After two events in the mountainous Austrian Alps and in the Rhineland-Palatinate Eifel, Callaway Competition and its two drivers, Daniel Keilwitz (28/Villingen) and Marvin Kirchhöfer (24/Markkleeberg), are now heading to the vacation paradise on the Dutch North Sea coast. Here, the Circuit Zandvoort will host the Program's Number Nine and Ten championship races.

A total of 150 championship points are still to be awarded in the second half of the season, and the Corvette Team and Team Manager Mike Gramke still intend to earn some. How close the championship is illustrated by the overall standings: only one point separates the Keilwitz/Kirchhöfer duo from the second place pursuers Götz/Pommer (MANN FILTER Mercedes AMG). That's why Callaway Competition expects a really tough fight this weekend.

The upcoming task in Zandvoort is not easy, however, because the long 4.307 km (2.68 mi) racetrack is something special in many ways. With high speed straights, but also a lot of slow, treacherous sections between the dunes, much will be demanded of the drivers and equipment.

"Zandvoort is a great racetrack. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to race last year because of my injury, so I'm all the more pleased that I can give it my all this weekend. Maybe we'll come up with a surprise again." - driver Daniel Keilwitz.

"Naturally, as points leader there's always some pressure on us. Nürburgring was, of course, very annoying from the start. Of course, it was really exciting for the spectators. We'll attack again in Zandvoort. Our goal is to win as many points as possible and finish in front of our pursuers. This isn't an easy task, but we'll give it our all." - driver Marvin Kirchhöfer.

"Our goal is to collect as many points as possible, as the Favorite's Role is certainly no longer with us. Zandvoort has often produced unexpected results, so optimism still prevails." - team manager Mike Gramke.

Callaway Competition gets support on Sunday from Mo-Torres. The Cologne-based rapper, who released the single "Liebe deine Stadt" together with Cat Ballou and Lukas Podolski in 2016, accepted Callaway Competition's invitation for raceday Sunday.

"I'm very happy about the invitation to Zandvoort. It'll be a new experience for me as an diehard soccer fan. Fast cars are already really cool so I'm curious about what to expect there." - rapper Mo-Torres.

The two Zandvoort races are scheduled for Saturday at 7:15 PM and Sunday at 7:08 PM, eastern US Time. They are televised live on Sport1 channel in several European countries. In addition, the races will be live-streamed on, and

Text: A.Dannenberg /
Foto: Burkhard Kasan

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