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4th race of the 2019 ADAC GT Masters Season


After the long summer break, the ADAC GT Masters in the dunes of Zandvoort (NL) will finally take place this coming weekend. Callaway Competition will travel to the Dutch North Sea coast with three victories in a row, anticipating a fierce battle for the top spots in the two upcoming races.

The wait finally comes to an end - The two-month summer break is coming to an end for the League of Super Sports Cars and the Callaway Competition Corvette team will be heading to the classic track in Zandvoort in the Netherlands this coming weekend (August 9-11) for the fourth race of the ADAC GT Masters series.

The annual event in the highly competitive GT series has always had a very special flair. On one hand, the 4.307-kilometer, former Grand Prix course in the Zandvoort dunes is considered by the drivers to be a rather demanding track. On the other hand, the location, directly on the North Sea coast, always adds a touch of vacation atmosphere.

The upcoming weekend has something to offer for everyone, with sun, beach and motor sports, but the team from Leingarten has quite different ambitions.

With three wins in six races, the two Callaway drivers, Marvin Kirchhöfer (25 / Lucerne) and Markus Pommer (28 / Neckarsulm) and their C7 GT3-R are currently in second place in the overall standings, even though the championship points yield was much less than perfect for the other three races.

While Zandvoort is not one of the Corvette’s best tracks, Team boss Mike Gramke’s Callaway Competition has been one of the most successful teams in the ADAC GT Masters series with two victories. To avoid becoming overconfident, Callaway Competition plans to tackle the two races with maximum concentration. During the summer break, they prepared themselves for the upcoming races in the best possible way.

The team and the two drivers are very well aware that anything is possible in the top-class GT series. In Callaway’s 2017 championship year, the Corvette managed a “lucky” pole and a victory in the first race. In the second race, they also picked up many important points with sixth place which, in the end, contributed to the title win.

"I’m looking forward to being back in the GT Masters after the long summer break. After last year was very sobering for us, I’m looking forward to Zandvoort this year. Unfortunately, we didn’t get into the top-five or top-ten last year. That should definitely be our objective this year. If we get into the first seven in qualifying, that's fine. Then, in the race, we’ll have to see whether we can continue to fight forward. The track is very special, especially as far as the weather is concerned. Anything can happen, fast. That’s true strategically too." Marvin Kirchhöfer (25 / Lucerne)

"The first half of the season with three wins was great! However, we also missed getting some important points. Zandvoort is not a typical Corvette track in terms of layout. That's why we have to concentrate and not allow ourselves to make any mistakes. It won’t be easy for us as the competition will be very strong. Nevertheless, we plan to improve and strive for a top ten ranking. We want to advance as far as possible and, with a little luck, anything is possible in the ADAC GT Masters." Markus Pommer (28 / Neckarsulm)

"In the summer break, everyone in the team could blow off steam, which is certainly understood, given the upcoming tasks. However, we also used the break to prepare ourselves for the important second-half of the season with various test sessions. Traditionally, the crucial second half of the season has included some racetracks that are simply better for other racecar designs. Nevertheless, we feel ready for the challenge and plan to take as many points as possible." Team Principal Mike Gramke.

The two Zandvoort races will be broadcast in Europe on Saturday at 2:45 PM (live on Sport1) and on Sunday at 1:05 (live on Sport1). In addition, the races will be streamed live on, and


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Photos: Burkhard Kasan

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