Honker System

Honker System Corvette C6

Honker System Corvette C5

More Airflow than Any Other Systems Tested.

Callaway Honker Intake Systems provide significantly reduced restriction to allow more airflow for increased horsepower. Using advanced air management techniques, Callaway engineers developed Honker designs to outperform all other aftermarket performance intakes. Extensive flowbench analysis was conducted to perfect duct shape for maximum airflow.

• Smooth internal surface and CAD-designed contours engineered to maximize laminar flow.
• Rigid filter element base accesses cooler, denser inlet air from outside of engine compartment (cold-air systems).
• Proprietary, high-flow Corvette Honker filter element design manufactured for Callaway by K&N Filters.
• OEM-grade polymer remains unaffected by severe under-hood temperature excursions.
• Premium quality hardware used throughout for trouble-free installation and extended durability.

Dyno testing verified the flowbench test results, indicating an increase of 16.5 bhp on an otherwise-stock LS3! At the dragstrip, simply bolting a Honker into a stock LS3 coupe dropped its 1/4-mile elapsed times by nearly three full tenths and increased top speed by 2 mph! Since the C5 Honker eliminates the “air bridge” and relocates the MAF sensor, the power increase is even greater.

Honker Intake Systems include CAD-designed polymer air inlet duct, low restriction, washable and reusable K&N® air filter element, sturdy filter element housing, and all required couplers, clamps and hardware for easy installation. C6 Z06 and LS3 Honkers also include 100mm diameter MAF sensor housings.

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